UNIROI Starter Kit UA005

UNIROI Starter Kit UA005

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ModelNumber: UA005
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  • Feature:starter kit has 52 different components included RAB Holder and CD with tutorials.You can also download the same tutorials online in the following link:https://mega.nz/#F!aGAyHQiR!nVHr61IP4CeQwoRTcbY-OA
  • RAB Holder: Fixing the components for your project, easier to move the finished project. This RAB holder is widely compatible with ArduinoIDE R3, & Raspberry Pi 3,2,1 Model B, 2 Model B,1 Model B+ RPI Zero W and Zero.
  • Advantage:Upgraded aruinoIDE R3 board is based on ATMega328 chip for controlling,100% compatible with official version ArduinoIDE. And features faster transfer rates and more memory with ATMega16U2 chip instead of ATMega8U2.
  • Gift: Resistor color card (Please add resistors when using LED to avoid over current), Raspberry Pi GPIO reference card with wiring Pi and BCM codes for all Raspberry pi motherboard. Convenient to check the Pin corresponding for your experiment.
  • Warning Tip: The recommended size of the UNIROI power module is 9V (DC). If the voltage is too high, the voltage conversion chip may be damaged.



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