UNIROI Starter Kit UA003

UNIROI Starter Kit UA003

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ModelNumber: ASIN:B07JB6KSJ5
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UNIROI  Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit Compatible with TUTORIAL, R3 Controller Board, LCD 1602, Servo, Stepper Motor (242 Items)

  • This is the most complete  starter kit with FREE tutorials, just follow our tutorials.
  • controller board and expansion board are perfect for project with excellent product finish. 5V relay module make it easier to connect and control the high voltage.
  • Total 242 items with clear list are packaged in a nice plastic box, meet your demands for your different projects either it is simple or complex.
  • This kit can be used with Mac,PC and Linux. The way to install driver can be referred to the product description.
  • Detailed tutorial including project introduction can be provided free of charge: https://mega.nz/#F!jCpBlBpZ!HKVJJYAaP6eYwZWKaR_h8w



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